April 1, 2023

After 47 years of performing I’ve hung up my juggling clubs, put out my flaming torches, set my flying monkeys free and retired. The wonderful tribute song below, written and performed by my dear friend Ken Lonnquist, pretty much wraps up my career.

Thanks to all of you who made up the audiences in front of me and very special thanks to my family, friends, sponsors and techs that stood behind me. I couldn’t have had all this fun without you. Peace and love. Truly Remarkable Loon


On my 67th birthday, April 1, 2023,  a retirement party and roast in my honor took place at the Madison Children’s Museum.  The evening was full of family, friends, fellow performers, fans and so many delightful entertainments I wished it would never end. The highlight for me was the Why Be Normal song performed by my comrade Ken Lonnquist and accompanied by a cohort of my musically talented friends. Many, many thanks to all of you for this lovely gift.


My final performance at Kids in the Rotunda, November 25, 2022.
Recorded by my friends Michael Clipson and Rob Summerbell. Edited by one of my oldest friends Stuart Bass.

“Be kind to everyone you meet, for we are all spinning a lot of plates.” T. R. Loon